September 26, 2017

German air force Typhoons and Tornados

Pakistani bikers

From Imran Khan

Russian AF strike on Islamic State in Idlib

The separation of the shuttle from the Antonov 225 almost ends in disaster

Fatal crash of Italian Eurofighter during airshow

A Italian Air Force Eurofighter crashed into the waters of Terracina on Sept. 24 during an airshow demonstration.

New German H145M in Jordan

Not all Kiwis support Singapore’s deployment of fighters in New Zealand

Singapore has completed its deployment of six F-16D+s to New Zealand’s Ohakea air base on Sept. 25. The local media reported that not all residents living nearby welcome the training exercise.

September 24, 2017

Shaheen Ⅵ exercise: an offensive air to ground combat training was conducted at night

CH-5 UAV finished the firing test of 100 kg LGB & 80 kg AGM

Indian Navy ships Satpura and Kadmatt enter Hai Phong, Vietnam

Saudi and Egyptian Air Forces conduct final phase of exercise Faisal11

Press TV - Iran Military Parade 2017 : Full Military Assets Segment

Press TV - Iran New Khorramshahr MIRV Ballistic Missile Of 2,000 KM Test Firing

September 23, 2017

Su-35S and Su-30SM during the recent exercise Zapad 2017

SeaGull Demonstrates Autonomous ASW Capabilities

Elbit Systems has developed an unmanned anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and mine countermeasure (MCM) vessels that enable navies to detect and defeat enemy submarines and neutralize sea mines in a safer, more efficient and affordable way. At the DSEI exhibition this week the company has demonstrated how the unmanned Seagull boats can autonomously perform anti-submarine operations over a distance of 1,890 nautical miles (3,500 km), with the mission controlled over a satellite link from the company's exhibit at DSEI in London. Operating its dipping sonar and Elbit Systems proprietary software, Seagull performed real-time detection and classification of objects, demonstrating the capability to deter and dissuade hostile subsurface activity. The Seagull team included two operators, a USV operator and sonar operator.

HMS Ocean arrives in the Caribbean

Accurate hits of Caliber rockets on terrorists in Syria

Northern Coasts 2017 – Spirit of NOCO17

Indian Air Force's Jaguar aircrafts take off during a night operation drill at Ambala IAF station

Russian Icebreaker "Siberia"

Rheinmetall Defence - Boxer UK 8X8 Armoured Wheeled Vehicle For MIV Battlefield Champion

US Army News Service - Stryker 8X8 IFVs 30mm Autocannon & Javelin ATGM Live Firing

B-2 Spirit refuel

Wonder Woman Drone Light Show

September 20, 2017

Russian Ka-52 helicopter accidentally fires two S-8 rockets at reporters covering Zapad 2017 drills

Two people were hospitalized with serious injuries after a helicopter accidentally fired on bystanders at the Zapad 2017 military exercises, the online news portal cited a source as saying on Tuesday.

The week-long drills in Western Russia and neighboring Belarus kicked off last week, with around 13,000 troops, hundreds of tanks, aircraft, warships and other military hardware participating.

The incident reportedly took place at the Luzhsky range near St. Petersburg either on Monday or Sunday. President Vladimir Putin visited the range on Monday.

The unnamed source told that there appeared to have been a technical glitch on board “and the missiles blasted off on their own.”

“At least two cars burned down, two people were seriously injured, they are now hospitalized,” the source said. “The victims were most likely journalists.”

The Russian Defense Ministry said two attack helicopters simulated aerial reconnaissance and close air support missions on Monday as part of Zapad 2017.

Suicide bomber car explodes in air after US missile hit him near Kirkuk, Iraq

During Zapad 2017 Airborne troops destroyed "militants" units in Pskov region

Philippine forces using 105mm M101 howitzer in a direct fire role in the urban battle for Marawi

Life on a U.S. Navy Submarine

Inside The Fight To Retake Raqqa From ISIS

Afghan Air Force UH-60s arrive home

The first UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopters for the Afghan Air Force (AAF) arrived in Kandahar airport on Monday, Sept. 18, the NATO's Resolute Support Twitter account confirmed yesterday.

Massive Helicopter Hangar Fills Up With Fire-Suppressant Foam

F-35’s ejection seat still pose a risk to pilots

The U.S. Air Force’s Technical Airworthiness Authority completed an internal report on May 1 and the experts concluded that the F-35’s ejection seat will not be able to save pilots in rare cases.

Angola has taken delivery of two Su-30Ks

Two of the twelve Su-30Ks ordered by Angola has been delivered to the country, a company official from the 558 Aviation Repair Plant in Belarus disclosed.

Indian Navy INS Shishumar (SSK class sub) of IN enters Port of Duqm Oman

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