December 18, 2017

Myanmar six new Yak-130s

PLA GX-2 ELINT, GX-3 EW aircraft circled Taiwan 18-12-2017

5 More OPLOT-T Tanks Delivered to Thailand

Unofficial photos On December 10, 2017, five main battle tanks OPLOT-T for the Royal Thai Army which was sent from Ukraine have arrived in Thailand.

With the five tanks that sent to the Thai authorities, the total of the main battle tanks OPLOT-T received at this time was 36, from 49, still remaining 13.

The last of the 13 tanks already just wait for the official representative of Thailand to check. When the process is complete, Ukraine will deliver the remaining 13 OPLOT-T main battle tanks to the Thai authorities.

Raytheon to Deliver Unmatched Anti Air Warfare Defense Technology to Australian Navy

Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) has completed design, development and testing of its Cooperative Engagement Capability system, which will be certified by the U.S. Navy for the system’s first international installation. Onboard the Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Hobart, CEC will expand the ship’s battlespace awareness by sharing sensor data among a network of other Australian and allied CEC-equipped ships and aircraft.

CEC is a real-time ‘sensor-netting’ system that brings together radar data into a single integrated air picture from geographically dispersed ships, aircraft and ground-based units. This integrated picture improves task force effectiveness by enabling longer range, cooperative, or layered engagements. Today’s CEC benefits from advancements in commercial and specialized technologies, as well as from the experience and expertise the Raytheon team has gained throughout more than 30 years as the U.S. Navy’s CEC Design Agent.“The addition of CEC is a major building block for Australia in their defense against anti-air warfare threats in the Pacific Region,” said U.S. Navy Captain Jonathan Garcia, CEC major program manager, Program Executive Office Integrated Warfare Systems 6.0. “This delivery to Australia marks a significant first – expanding the CEC network globally and increasing the U.S. Navy interoperability with a valued, strategic ally.”

The equipment - certified hardware and software - will transfer to Australia for installation on HMAS Hobart (DDG-39), and NUSHIP Brisbane (DDG-41) over the coming months, followed by an extensive integration, test and evaluation period. Raytheon will actively support CEC system integration and testing, including scheduled sea trials, similar to support provided for the U.S. Navy fleet.

Enhancing the capabilities of U.S. forces, CEC is currently deployed on ships and land-based test sites, E-2C/D aircraft, and U.S. Marine Corps network systems. The system continues to evolve, advancing capability and affordability through developments in core technologies.

Chinese-made missile system BP-12A in Qatar rally

Sunset flight for Indian Air Force’s Mi-8

Nine killed, over 50 wounded in Pakistan Quetta church attack

17 December-Strategic rocket forces day

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